Voltis Home - voltage optimisation for the home

The Easiest Way To Save Money On Your Electricity Bills

With rising electricity bills becoming a major problem, Voltis Home is the easiest way to bring them back down. Not only can you save around £150* a year, Voltis Home also helps you to be kinder to the environment.

  • Reduce Energy Use And Carbon Footprint
  • Increase The Life Of Household Appliances
  • Save Up To 18% A Year On Electricity Bills
  • Easy To Install By A Qualified Electrician
  • Greater Saving Compared To Other Systems

How Does Voltis Home Work?

Standard UK voltage is supplied at around 240v and electrical equipment manufacturers produce products that work anywhere between 207v and 253v. The over supply is wasted energy and not only cost money, it also causes appliances to wear out more quickly. This is because they deal with extra voltage by generating extra heat or vibrations. 

As well as saving on electricity bills, you will also save bynot having to change light bulbs as often. A typical UK house will be reduced from 240v down to 218v, this should ensure all appliances and circuits run perfectly well. This will in turn ensure you will save money on your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

How Much Can I Save?

Voltis Home can reduce electricity bills by up to 18%. Please find below a break down of typical household savings.

Family of 3, 2 Bedroom Terrace House
Annual Saving: £100.00*

Family of 4, 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached House
Annual Saving: £150.00*

Family of 5, 4 Bedroom Detached House
Annual Saving: £200.00*

*savings are based on current energy prices and estimates on typical household usage. 

Product Features

Voltis Home is available in two variations. The standard househouse option is suitable for buildings where the incoming voltage is up to 243v and then HD version can handle up to 253v.

Product Code VH60 VH60HD
Temperature Range -10 to 40 -10 to 40
Humidity Up to 90% Up to 90%
Dimensions 300mm (w) x 240mm (h) x 147mm (d) 300mm (w) x 240mm (h) x 147mm (d)
Weight 12kg 14kg
Rating 60Amps in Auto (100 amps in Bypass) 60Amps in Auto (100 amps in Bypass)
Suitable For Incoming Voltage of 230-243V 230-253V

Incoming Voltage Check

It is essential that the incoming voltage to the building is measured prior to an installation to ensure that the correct Voltis Home unit is used. The voltage reduction ratio is the same for both standard and HD versions but the extra cost of the HD unit is offset by the larger absolute kW saving.

How Is Voltis Home Installed?

Voltis Home is very easy to install however it does require a trained electrician to ensure it is correctly installed. From the moment the Voltis Home unit has been installed you will start saving money. A simple example of how Voltis Home works can be found below.

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