It's hard to list all the benefits of Solar Photovoltaic on one page. Below you can find some of the main advantages that come to mind when thinking about a Photovoltaic system.

Tax-free, inflation-linked income

The government backed Feed-in Tariff scheme means that you can receive tax free payments for all the solar electricity you feed back into the national grid over the next 25 years. For more information on the Feed-In tariff please click here.

Free Electricity From Solar Power

Once the initial cost of the Photovoltaic system has been recovered you will be receiving free electricity. This means you will notice a drop in electricity bills as you will be using your solar energy in peak times rather than using the national grid.

Protect Against Future Energy Price Increases

By generating your own solar electricity you protect yourself from rising electricity costs. As the key electricity companies continue to raise their prices your savings will continue to grow. 

Get Paid For All Electricity You Produce

The Feed-In tariffs from the government means that you get paid 4.64p for every Kw of electricity you export to the national grid. On long summer days Solar PV systems create more than enough energy for a single home and therefore you will have excess energy, rather than wasting this excess energy Ellwood Electricals PV systems will automatically pump it back into the national grid... You don't have to do anything!

Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print

Solar power created from Photovoltaic systems is pollution free during use. 

Install & Forget Technology

Ellwood Electricals Solar Photovoltaic systems are install & forget technology. Our solar panels require very little maintenance which means they will operate for many years without any problems.

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