LED Light Bulbs

At Ellwood Electrical we only stock the highest quality LED lamps. Some of the popular lamps include:

LED GU10 Light Bulbs
LED MR16 Light Bulbs
LED GLS Light Bulbs
LED Candle Light Bulbs
LED Golfball Light Bulbs 

LED Fluorescent Tubes

LED Fluorescent Tubes have come on a long way in last few years. Here at Ellwood Electrical we have tested tubes from various different suppliers and have settled with one range. Our range of tubes includes:

LED 2 Foot Daylight Fluorescent Tube 
LED 4 Foot Daylight Fluorescent Tube  
LED 5 Foot Daylight Fluorescent Tube  

LED Flood Lights

Traditional halogen floodlights have always been notorious for requiring huge amounts of energy to run. Luckily here at Ellwood Electrical we keep a small range of LED Floodlights that only use 8.5 watts of electricity.

LED Downlights

LED Strip Lighting

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