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Ellwood Electrical has been established since 1984 undertaking domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work. We are a continually expanding company providing a reliable and flexible service, coupled with first class up-to-date design solutions. As a company we are
taking the lead in encouraging householders to become more energy efficient by using environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional light bulbs.

Our research has shown the most popular light bulbs on the market are Halogen GU10 and Halogen MR16 lamps which are ideal for a multitude of applications around the home as well as for commercial lighting solutions. The great news is these GU10 and MR16 light bulbs are now available in LED versions in a variety of colours and wattages.

Why is this great news? The answer is simple. Using LED light bulbs will reduce your electricity bills in the long term. You will save up to 90% in running costs and frequent lamp replacement will be a thing of the past as these lamps have an average life of between 30,000 and 100,000 hours. A traditional bulb wastes up to 80% of the energy it uses by producing heat, emitted as the tungsten filament in the bulb heats up.

The original GU10 halogen bulbs are currently being phased out and systematically replaced with LED alternatives so in the near future energy efficient LED bulbs will replace the most commonly used light bulbs in the UK.
Soon, energy efficient lamps will not only be the most environmental and economic choice, they’ll be the only choice. The LED's supplied by Ellwood Electrical only use 1 to 2 watts of electricity making them one of the most affordable energy saving bulbs on the market whilst the cool running temperature of the LED bulbs makes them ideal for a variety of applications.

GU10 and MR16 LED light bulbs are extremely versatile as a lighting solution. From standard down lighting to atmospheric mood lighting in a range of colours including red, green, blue, ultraviolet, magenta and colour changing, combinations of these lights can be used to great effect in the home and office, for shop displays and restaurant lighting. Ellwood Electrical can also supply dimmable versions of LED light bulbs to provide more lighting solutions.

Many can be used as direct replacements for traditional lamps; LED candle bulbs, LED GU10s, LED MR11s and LED Fluorescent tubes to name a few examples. Our specialist LED lamps include LED strip lighting and other various types of individual solutions including IP68 rated spotlights.

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About Ellwood Electrical

Ellwood Electrical has been established since 1984. We are an expanding company that provides a reliable and flexible service, coupled with first class, up-to-date designs.

We deal in domestic, commercial and industrial installations - always working in a professional manner.

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