LED GU10 Technology latest

One of the most popular light bulbs in recent years has been the halogen GU10 originally made by Sylvania. This lamp came on to the market as a genuine replacement for the low voltage dichroic halogen lamp about twelve years ago. Up until that time downlighters required a dichroic lamp and transformer which was costly. The Halogen GU10 light bulb was a 240 volt replacement which lasted around 2500 hours and provided a stable halogen light source for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and commercial display applications. Hundreds of thousands of these are fitted around the UK and eating electricity by the kilowatt.

Then energy saving became a priority. The release of the compact fluorescent version started the ball rolling and it wasn't long before an 11 watt lamp hit the market that was the equivalent to a 50 watt halogen light bulb. The development in LED technology was a little slow with a lamp available that approached 40 watts. However these lamps were still very expensive.

The situation has changed with the recent launch of the GU10 LED making an impact on the market. This lamp only uses 2.3 watts of electricity and is very reasonably priced. This lamp has a rated lamp life of 25 years based on 3 hours usage per day and will give you savings of over 90% on electricity running costs. LED GU10 light bulbs are extremely versatile as a lighting solution. From standard downlighting to atmospheric mood lighting in a range of colours, these lights can be used to great effect in the home and office, for shop displays and restaurant lighting. Ellwood Electrical can also supply dimmable versions of LED GU10s to provide more lighting solutions.

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